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Immersed in the fusion of heritage and the future,

we create spaces that transcend time.

A multidisciplinary Visual Arts Practice enriches the realm of Human Geography through visionary research methodologies. 

Our roots in architectural interior design have blossomed into a diverse tapestry of Visual Arts offerings. We seamlessly blend Design & Build, Art curation & Advisory, and Artistic Research, all anchored in our core values of diversity, eco-consciousness, and integration.

Drawing from our abundant academic resources, we curate tailored and cutting-edge art advisory services, immersive art experience programs and art class memberships that enlighten novice art collectors and art enthusiasts about the intricate art world, whilst our bespoke curatorial advisory programs empower experienced collectors in building remarkable collections.


To further elaborate our values and build a strong community to promote diversity and eco-consciousness, we have created the first world non-chemical Artist Residency Programme at the birthplace of Taoism on Mount Qingcheng, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


Following the philosophy of Taoism, the VP design concept lies in a harmonious union of aesthetics and functionality. Embracing nature, humanity, and culture, we weave extraordinary environments that cater to our clients' distinct desires and needs, transforming spaces into sublime experiences. Our team comprises highly qualified architects with over 15 years of expertise, deftly navigating from concept design to seamless execution. Every aspect is carefully curated, as we partner with brands, artists, and galleries who mirror our values and masterful vision, offering both bespoke and high-quality ready-made options.

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